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Our coffee shops for the sweetest moments in life

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More than just an environment: it's a journey, an experience, of style and flavor.

At COR Café, embark on an industrial and contemporary journey where black and white come together to dance with the vibrancy of bold woods and irons. The walls, marked by time, tell us stories with exposed bricks and demolition wood and metal structures that carry memories of past projects.

Every line of the architectural design and every detail of COR Café's interior design have been intertwined with the essence of farms and roasteries, combining it with the comfort and freshness of modernity that we feel at home.

As we enter this carefully crafted setting, we are embraced by an environment reminiscent of a warehouse of imagination, adorned with an industrial and contemporary touch that welcomes a hug. Sofas and armchairs invite us to an intimate chat, while reclaimed wooden tables share space with rusted iron tables and chairs unearthed from antique shops. The ceiling is a spectacle in itself, with its exposed structure and the smoothness of glass, where industrial lamps balance like stars in a nighttime sky.

In tune with the industrial soul that flows through the COR Group, demolition made way for metal beams and revealing bricks, even on the facade, which greets us with authenticity. Behind the coffee counter, a symphony of doors, shelves, and stairs made from oxy-cut plates, rescued from scrapyards, converse with walls covered in white tiles and play a dual role as a practical and artistic panel.

Outside, the balcony is an invitation to nature, with local plants, orchids, and pots with small gardens, all perfumed with the constant aroma of coffee lingering in the air.

The restaurant presents itself as a majestic glass wall, divided into two spaces: at the entrance, the energy of the café; in a separate area, the restaurant and the intriguing mezzanine. Here, demolition wood, glass, and treasures discovered in antique shops come together to tell a unique story. The indoor landscaping, with its daring foliage, finds harmony with the treetops outside, creating a spectacular indoor garden.

The cement and brick floor harkens to a coffee courtyard, and the intoxicating ceiling height and dancing natural light elevate our senses, revealing the entire splendor of the place. The glass wall, extending for 20 meters, presents us with the journey of the day, with its ever-changing colors and energies.

Here, touches of colors from nature and coffee blend: the blue of the sky, the yellow of the sun, and the green of leaves and orchids. All of this adds to the comfort of communal tables and intimate areas, creating a seamless experience, perfectly combined with art and life, ready to embrace a diverse and international audience.

This is the result of the vision of architect and interior designer Luisa Curiel, who, in collaboration with the Ros family, shaped every corner of this space with passion and authenticity. Here at COR Café, we are invited to experience more than just an environment: it's a journey, an experience, a contemporary expression of style and flavor.

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Rua Mateus Leme, 4019

80.220-000 Curitiba-PR Brazil

+55 41 99269-6699

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