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Discover our tailored coffee subscription service

Image by Gian Cescon

Why you will love our subscription?

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Our coffee subscription, direct to your door


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Discover a new world. How to explore?

Start with an explorer kit

Coffees from different region and different terroirs, for you to learn and explore new flavors, aromas and taste. Participate on our guided cupping and workshops on coffee brewing methods.

A unique experience

We are always attentive to your needs, and we are pleased to do our best to make your coffee experience unique whether it is in the coffees we deliver or sharing experiences.

Be in control

Request a specific coffee or be surprised each month with an incredible experience. Track deliveries, or their history, change your profile, or order an additional delivery, all through your App.


We roast Brazilian coffees, and we have more than 14 regions, terroir diversity, and our coffee hunters are always looking for incredible news.

Roasted to order

Each coffee is fresh-roasted for you, and you will be part of a community with exclusive access to new coffees from more then 2.000 small farmers.

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